Reinforcement products

Fibreglass Surface Tissue / Veil

Glass Fibre Matt that is similar to tissue paper. Use Fibreglass Tissue to cover up the course glass pattern produced by composite fibreglass materials.

Surface tissue (1)

GRP Rebar Rods

Rebar rods

Chop Strands increase the flexural and tensile resistance for improved impact strength and dimensional stability within a wide range of temperatures.

Fibres Poly Prop Flat

CEMFIBRE Poly Prop Fibre 650mm

Fibres Poly Prop Crimped

CEMFIBRE Poly Prop Fibre 550mm

Fibres Poly Prop Micro

Fibres Poly Prop 6mm

Fibre Fibreglass Fibres

Cemfibre 18mm

Luminous Stones

GREEN Luminous stones

Scrim / Mesh Coated

Scrim / Mesh Uncoated

Fibreglass Scrim Cloth can be used for repair applications of various types of materials. The scrim cloth will add reinforcement and allow for expansion and contraction of the surrounding materials.

MESH (1)


Primer Bond

Rebar rods (1)

E20CC - Casting Concrete

This product can be used on concrete floors and chemical bunded areas to prevent corrosion on these structures.

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E20TC - TopCoat

This product can be used on flooring, handrails etc.

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PU Floor Coating

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